We power leading manufacturers, retailers, contractors, utility companies and associations with tools to drive sales, increase margins, generate leads and provide their customers with more savings.

Rebate and Incentive Solutions

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Our rebate and incentive solutions house the largest available dataset of energy efficiency rebates, incentives and tax credits offered by utility companies, municipalities, counties, states, federal, retailers and manufacturers for energy efficient products and services.

GreenOhm’s easily-deployed rebate and incentive solutions link zip code to product specifications to program requirements. This ensures that our customers communicate and educate consumers on the exact rebates and incentives available by location by product specification at all times.

Ongoing Cost Savings Calculators and Configurators

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We build and enable on-going cost savings calculators that increase sales and adoption of higher efficiency products by accurately communicating on-going cost savings by combining the precision of local energy costs, environmental factors and consumer behavioral factors.

Our configurator technology allows consumers to calculate energy savings by exploring different options of a specific or whole-home project to better understand potential one-time and on-going cost savings and payback.

Lead Generation

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GreenOhm generates cost-effective address-level leads for manufacturers, distributors, dealers and contractors by providing tools and datasets to target customers most likely to purchase energy-efficient products and services based on demographic, psychographic, financial, geographic and household metrics and statistics.

Business Intelligence and Targeted Marketing

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By leveraging our datasets, we can provide information and analysis tools to our customers in order to more effectively target rebate and incentive rich markets. Our datasets also easily integrate with interactive ad and email campaigns and mobile applications.

We Understand Your Need

Our team of user interface and data experts will take our experience in designing and deploying our solutions to over 2,000 websites and partner with you to create the most user-friendly, scalable and accurate customized rebate and incentive solutions and ongoing cost savings calculator tools in the market.

We Build And Integrate Your Solution

Our SaaS (Software as a Service) tools are developed for simple deployment using iframe HTML tags and are custom-skinned to look, feel and act like our partners' websites for seamless integration.

Our application programming interface (API) is a comprehensive, well-documented set of tools that power our clients' rebate and incentive, calculator, business analysis and lead generation tools.

Our mobile tools have been developed and deployed for smartphone and tablet devices.

We create Raving Fans

Our goal is to turn every client into a Raving Fan . Just ask them

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